♻️$SAVE 4 Phase Cycle


$SAVE 2.0 operates through four distinct phases, each strategically designed to maximize returns and protect your investment during different market conditions. Let's explore each phase in detail, with a focus on our active hedge fund strategy:

Phase 1: Rapid Growth

Focus: Aggressively build the treasury for future payouts.

Strategy: 100% of funds go towards building a Hedge Funds and forming Strategic Partnerships.

No USDC payouts yet. Focus is on rapid treasury growth.

Benefits: Lays the foundation for future payouts and positions the project for continued growth.

Phase 2: Rewarding Holders

Focus: Balance aggressive growth with rewarding holders after reaching $1m in Portfolio.

No Changes to Investment Strategy.

USDC Profit Payouts: Distribute a portion of the treasury's USDC profits back to token holders at predetermined intervals (e.g., every $10k increase).

Benefits: Holders receive USDC rewards while the treasury continues to grow.

Note: The earlier a holder stakes for the maximum duration when staking feature goes live, the cheaper their holdings cost, the better the rewards during this phase.

Phase 3: Fortifying the Treasury

Focus: Secure the treasury and prepare for a bear market.

Strategy: Gradually convert most crypto holdings to USDC reserves for stability.

USDC Profit Payouts: Continue at predetermined intervals

Strategic Partnerships: May be re-evaluated based on market conditions and RWA opportunities.

Phase 4: Aggressive Downturn Protection and Rewards

Focus: Protect and reward holders during a bear market.


  • Prioritize USDC Reserves: Distribute a significant portion of USDC holdings to token holders at regular intervals.

  • Additional Payouts based on BTC Drop: Trigger additional payouts when Bitcoin price drops significantly from its All-Time High (e.g., 20% payout at 60% drop).

Benefits: Acts as a safety net for holders during market downturns.

Remember: These phases represent a general roadmap, and adjustments may be made based on market conditions and project performance. Transparency and community communication will be paramount throughout the process.

Note: Staking feature will go live during Phase 2. Payout will only be distributed to holders with $SAVE staked. Tentatively the Payout weightage will be a Time Based Staking mechanism where locking for 1 year will receive the highest payout. Other options will be 1/3/6 months.

Note 2: USDC profits payout is at 10% during phase 2-4 while 90% is used to further bolster our investments.

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