🔼Phase 1: Rapid Growth

Estimated Duration: Until $1,000,000 in Portfolio.

Focus: Rapidly build a robust treasury foundation for future growth and payouts.

Investment Strategy:

  • 100% Treasury Allocation: All funds are actively deployed to maximize returns.

    • Hedge Funds (70%): A significant portion of the treasury is channeled into the hedge fund, leveraging the founder's experience and market insights to capitalize on high-growth opportunities during the bull run. The goal is to generate substantial returns to fuel the treasury's rapid expansion.

    • Strategic Partnerships (30%): The founder's established network within the crypto space allows $SAVE to forge alliances with promising projects with high potential. A portion of the treasury is allocated to invest in these partnerships, potentially securing presale entry for better returns and fostering valuable connections for future endeavors.

USDC Payouts: No payouts are distributed during this phase. The focus is on aggressive accumulation to build a strong financial base for the project.

Strategic Partnerships: Actively pursued to expand the project's reach, secure advantageous investment opportunities, and potentially gain access to promising presales through the founder's network.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Reaching different treasury milestones.

  • Achieving significant returns through the hedge fund strategy.

  • Establishing a strong network of strategic partnerships.


  • Lays the groundwork for substantial future USDC payouts to holders.

  • Positions the treasury for continued growth throughout the bull market.

  • Creates valuable connections within the crypto space for future benefits.


  • The aggressive hedge fund strategy carries inherent risk, but it's balanced by the founder's experience.

  • The focus on building the treasury may delay initial USDC payouts for holders.


  • Regular updates will be provided on the performance of the hedge fund and progress towards the $1 million treasury target.

  • The community will be informed about established strategic partnerships and their potential benefits.

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