🎁Phase 2: Rewarding Holders

Estimated Duration: Until $5,000,000 in Portfolio.

Focus: This phase strikes a balance between aggressive treasury growth and to start rewarding our loyal holders.

Focus: Balance aggressive growth with rewarding loyal holders.

Investment Strategy: A shift in treasury allocation prioritizes both growth and rewarding our community.

  • Hedge Funds: The proven hedge fund strategy continues to be a primary driver of treasury growth.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Cultivating valuable alliances remains a priority to secure future opportunities.

Introducing Staking Rewards:

  • To participate in USDC payouts, holders must stake their $SAVE tokens.

  • This time-based staking mechanism incentivizes long-term commitment.

    • The longer your tokens are locked, the higher the weightage they receive, significantly increasing your USDC rewards.


  • Increased ROI for Committed Holders: Staking $SAVE unlocks a higher share of USDC profits, directly rewarding long-term commitment.

  • Stronger Community Engagement: Staking fosters a community of engaged holders invested in $SAVE's long-term success.

  • Sustainable Growth: The focus on both treasury growth and rewarding holders lays a solid foundation for the project's future.


  • Regular updates will be provided on the performance of the hedge fund and the total USDC distributed to holders.

  • The community will be informed about established strategic partnerships and their potential benefits.


  • The focus on payouts may slightly moderate the rate of treasury growth compared to Phase 1.

  • The success of the hedge fund strategy remains a key factor in achieving payout goals.

This balanced approach ensures that while the project continues on its growth trajectory, holders are directly rewarded for their participation in $SAVE 2.0.

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