🛡️Phase 3: Fortifying the Treasury

Estimated Duration: Until $10,000,000 (This Cycle) in Portfolio or Drastic Market Change

Focus: Secure the treasury and transition towards bear market resilience.

Investment Strategy:

  • Strategic Asset Conversion:

    • Gradually sell a significant portion of the treasury's crypto holdings. This generates a buffer of USDC reserves for stability during potential downturns.

    • The exact timing and pace of this conversion will be based on market conditions and expert analysis to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

  • Shifting Focus to Real-World Assets (RWAs):

    • Allocate a portion of the remaining profits towards undervalued RWAs like businesses and properties. These assets offer:

      • Long-Term Stability: RWAs can provide consistent revenue streams, acting as a hedge against crypto market volatility.

      • Diversification: Owning a variety of assets mitigates risk by reducing dependence on the crypto market alone.

    • The selection of RWAs will be conducted with meticulous research and due diligence to ensure strong fundamentals and potential for long-term growth.

USDC Payouts: Continue at predetermined intervals.

Strategic Partnerships: May be re-evaluated based on market conditions and potential RWA acquisition opportunities. Existing partnerships with strong fundamentals may be maintained for continued benefits.


  • Regular updates will be provided on the progress of crypto-to-USDC conversion and the criteria used for RWA selection.

  • The community will be informed about the types of RWAs being considered and the rationale behind each investment decision.

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