🤑Phase 4: Aggressive Downturn Protection and Rewards

Focus: Protect the treasury and maximize returns for loyal, engaged holders during a bear market.


  • Prioritize USDC Reserves: Distribute a significant portion of the USDC reserves to token holders at regular intervals. This acts as a safety net, providing holders with valuable assets during a downturn.

  • Additional Payouts based on BTC Drop: Implement a tiered payout system triggered by significant drops in Bitcoin (BTC) price from its All-Time High (ATH):

    • Example:

      • 60% BTC Drop: Distribute an additional 20% of the remaining USDC reserves to token holders.

      • 70% BTC Drop: Distribute an additional 40% of the remaining USDC reserves to token holders.

      • 80% BTC Drop (or lower): Distribute an additional 90% of the remaining USDC reserves to token holders.

This system rewards holders for their continued support during a severe market downturn. The significant payouts aim to mitigate the impact of falling crypto prices.


  • Safety Net for Holders: Regular USDC payouts and additional BTC drop payouts provide a financial buffer during a bear market.

  • Staked Tokens Benefit: By participating in staking, holders gained increased weight on their token holdings. This translates to receiving a larger share of USDC payouts.

  • Early Stakers: The earlier a holder stakes for the maximum duration, the cheaper their holdings cost, the better the rewards during this phase.


  • Clear communication will be provided on the specific USDC payout schedule and the additional payout percentages triggered by BTC price drops.

Phase 4 prioritizes protecting holders and rewarding their engagement. By strategically distributing the treasury and incentivizing long-term commitment through staking, $SAVE aims to emerge from a bear market stronger and continue delivering value to its active community.

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