🏦About $SAVE

Building a Sustainable Future

Welcome to the $SAVE 2.0 documentation! This revamped version represents a significant step forward for the protocol. We've streamlined the token itself while prioritizing long-term sustainability and strategic maneuvering through potential bear markets.

Holders of 1% supply is expected to get a payout* of $95,000 to $320,000 during crypto winter. This exclude a $15,000 to $50,000 payout during phase 2 and 3! Click here to learn more!

Here's a comprehensive look at what $SAVE 2.0 offers:

Our Vision:

  • Build a robust treasury to shield our loyal holders from the harsh realities of a bear market.

  • Leverage a multi-pronged investment strategy to maximize returns during bull runs.

  • Foster a community of co-owners who benefit directly from $SAVE's success.

Token Enhancements:

  • Improved Score: The token code has been optimized to achieve better scores on popular tracking platforms like Dextool and various token screeners. This translates to increased visibility and trust within the crypto community.

  • Automated Tax Conversion: All taxes collected will be automatically converted into USDC, building a stablecoin reserve that bolsters the protocol's financial resilience.

What's New in $SAVE 2.0?

$SAVE 2.0 goes beyond the traditional token, offering a unique blend of features:

  • Hedge Fund Management: $SAVE treasury funds are actively managed for optimal returns during bull markets. No more Idle funds in Treasury.

  • Strategic Partnerships: We forge alliances with strong crypto projects to fuel treasury growth and also better network and connections.

  • Real-World Asset (RWA) Acquisition: During downturns, we strategically invest in undervalued RWAs like businesses and properties, providing stable income streams.

  • USDC Payouts: Throughout all phases expect for the initial phase, you'll receive a share of the treasury's USDC profits.

  • Co-ownership: As a $SAVE holder, you co-own a portion of all our assets and businesses.

Get Ready to Thrive

This document delves deeper into the $SAVE 2.0 ecosystem, explaining each phase of our investment strategy, potential benefits, and exciting upcoming features like staking.

Join the Journey

We invite you to explore these pages and discover how $SAVE 2.0 is redefining financial resilience in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Let's build a future where every cycle brings us closer to our collective goals.

*Based on a likely scenario of a $10m Treasury by the end of this cycle.

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